Professional Exercise Prescription

Search, select, customize, save, print and/or email your patient's program in minutes. Use pre-existing protocols or create your own custom protocols from over 7000 exercises.

Improved Technology

Don't rely on "stick men!" Update your technology to include quality images and video clips. Our software is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones

HCE Exercise Module

A group of specially designed exercises that support your manual therapy interventions in the clinic, and allow you to precisely prescribe you exercises.


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HCE PT Techniques

Includes thousands of manual therapy evaluation and treatment techniques, developed by physical therapists from across the globe. Written descriptions, videos, and verbal instructions are included for each technique.

HCE Patient Tips

Include patient education videos as part of their homework. It is critical that patients understand their issues in order for them to take control and responsibility.

 Improved Technology

With HCE & Physiotec, you will be the technological star in your market. Today's patients are used to accessing the world via their tablets, smartphones or computers and need to exercise wherever and whenever its convenient. Videos of their exercises and their customized patient tips that you create are accessible wherever they need them, as well as the written instructions in Spanish, English and French.

 For those "traditional" patients

In event you have a patient that just loves to hold their exercise handout in their hand while they work, you can quickly print out their copy before they leave the clinic that very first day.

HCE & Physiotec, A Team that Workds

The HCE team is made up of leading physical therapists from the United States, New Zealand and Norway that have been teaching manual and exercise therapy for several decades. We are excited about our strategic partnership with Physiotec as it gives HCE an excellent way to deliver our techniques and patient tips in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Physiotec provides not only a world class technology platform, but over 7000 quality exercises in addition to what HCE is developing. The very first time HCE heard about Physiotec's product and customer service, we were sold.

Our mutual product development team produces new exercises, PT techniques and Patient tips regularly to ensure the information you're looking for is available. If you don't see what you need, just ask!


For more than 25 years, HCE and Physiotec have been developing quality products that continue to be improved upon each and every day. This extensive product offering includes more than 17 specialty areas including orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, aquatherapy, speech, pilates, amputations, pelvic floor, general conditioning, manual therapy evaluation & treatment techniques, patient tips and educational segments, and much more...

Our production team is constantly in contact with our clients in order to continue to keep the material fresh and up to date.

The HCE modules/content has been in development for over 30 years and we continue to add new evaluation and treatment techniques on a regular basis. Our patient tips library is growing at a steady pace and is consistent with the HCE model of care, which places extreme importance on the patient education process.

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